Why we decided to go on this road trip

The short answer: Why not?

But seriously, the idea for this road trip came about on after our trip in Colombia in March 2016. While I was doing a little traveling around the coffee region of the country I met a lot of people (mostly Europeans) who were able to take a month or two off from work and travel. They were able to take their time on each stop of their trip instead of furiously trying to see as much as they could like I was. I got really jealous of those travelers who could really immerse themselves in the country and were able to visit places they heard about on the way. It sounded like a great way to travel and I was determined to figure out a way for us to do something similar.

Many of you who know me know that I’ve been struggling for the past few years to find a full-time job in a profession that I am passionate about. It’s been difficult for me to stay positive while I’ve face lots of rejection or, what sometimes feels worse, silence. Since I haven’t been caught up in a career, Andres and I figured this was a great time to drop everything and travel. When else in our lives are we going to have this opportunity? Ideally, this trip will help me get a job when I get back or may spark a great business idea that we can start back at home. Or maybe we’ll find a place we really love somewhere in South America and decide to start a life there. This really is a chance to start fresh, challenge ourselves, and do the unexpected.

I tend to be a person who keeps to myself so this blog is going to be a great opportunity for me to show the world who I am. The plan is to write about what we see, what we do, and who we meet along the way while giving practical advice and tips for others who may want to plan a trip like this.

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