Why am I going?

Why am I going? Well, I don’t want to be one of those dogs that wastes their life away chasing squirrels at the local park or playing fetch, thinking life can’t get better than the treats I get when I sit or all the wonderful smells coming out of all the other dogs’ asses. No, I refuse to keep living that life! I decided to leave the glamour of the daily park walk for the wild and open road. I am bringing my humans with me because, well nobody would watch them for me while I was gone so I had no other choice. Maybe they’ll prove useful as chauffeurs and ghost writers.

I will be writing about my adventure in this blog, including the process to get ready (pre-trip), all the wonderful places I will visit, the different accommodations I will use, that is whenever I need to take a break from my humans, all the delicious food, different border crossings and the best places to mark as yours.

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