Public Transportation Colombia

OK, public transportation is a bit tricky, but possible if done right. Most taxis will take you, others may have a problem with our furry asses but if that’s the case just wait for the next one. Don’t worry, there are plenty! Now, buses are bit different. In Bogota the Transmilenio bus service allows pets, which is great. However those buses are most time so tightly packed that it is almost impossible to have a square inch on the floor to sit. Other city buses may allow you to jump in, but it is mostly at the discretion of the driver who can be easily convinced with those green treats that humans love so much. City to city buses are a bit more complicated but doable. The first thing to know is to make sure you don’t take the bus at the bus terminal, unless you plan to ride underneath with all the luggage, and I am assuming that you do not! So ask around to find out where else the bus stops before leaving town. Most city to city bus drivers will let you ride on top with your humans, but if you want to be sure to make the bus, you may want to sneak into a bag as shown in the picture.

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