Parks in Colombia

So far Colombia has been very welcoming to me and my two legged friends. I have been able to enjoy many of the attractions Colombia has to offer, like the “Desierto de la Tatacoa,” a desert about 30min north of Neiva, Huila. You can enjoy a walk around with your humans and chase off some of the goats that roam the place. There is no point marking your territory here as there aren’t many dogs around to recognize your greatness. Another great place was “San Agustin Archeological Park.” I definitely enjoyed the walk although at times it got a bit extraneous, but I made sure that my humans brought my bowls and some water. The views were great but I’m not sure what my humans were doing. They seemed to just be looking at some stones in awe, ehh, whatever floats their boat! Anyway, if you come to this place, make sure to bring water and a leash because the humans get lost looking at these stones so you will have to keep them on a leash at all times. There is a museum at this site, which is only for humans so I just stayed outside keeping the guard company.

In Mocoa, Putumayo we went to “End of the World Reserve.” Now I am as adventurous as the next pup but with that name, I decided to sit this one out. Good thing I did because apparently dogs are not allowed in because they are trying to protect the monkeys in this reserve which I find funny, because if they wanted to protect the monkeys the one they should be keeping out are humans not dogs. But hey, I am not going to be that American that breaks the rules and if you come please don’t be one yourself, these rules are there for a reason. Also from looking at my humans when they came back, it seems like a very hard climb just to see some water fall, especially when there is a perfectly cool and fine river at the bottom of the mountain.

Like I said Colombia has been a very welcoming country, the people, food, dogs and landscapes are amazing! If you happen to find yourself around these corridors, mention my name, they’ll hook you up.

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  1. Shelley-Beth says:

    Leia… I ‘m so glad you are taking such good care of your humans… Good thing the leash keeps them from getting lost! You KNOW how they are…

    That water looks so cool on your paws!

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