Other Kinds of Dogs

I guess you can say I am a city dog, a furry four legged monkey in the concrete jungle if you will. As such, I don’t have many interactions with other dogs other than with those little grey dogs that like to run up trees. Man, I would love to catch one of those dogs one of these days. But anyway, the point is that here in Colombia as I am sure in rural USA, there are many other types of dogs as seen by the pictures below. I am fascinated by all the different types, I saw some white ones with black spots who eat grass all day, other ones who look like they could run in Kentucky, and other ones that just look like nature just got lazy. Anyway the point is, be careful approaching these dogs for some may not seem dangerous but could very well be. Also make sure the human that serves these dogs is ok with you and your human getting close to the dogs she/he serves.

One thought on “Other Kinds of Dogs

  1. Shelley-Beth says:

    Yes indeed… that IS an odd looking dog… It doesn’t look very happy… Maybe you could convince your humans to bring it along as a traveling buddy for you!

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