My First Border Crossing

We crossed the border into Ecuador at General Farfan, which is about four hours south of Mocoa. We arrived at 12:45 which was not a great time as the border agents take a lunch between 12 and 2pm. Yeah I know, who in the world takes 2 hours to eat? I mean serve me some chicken or meat and see how long I take to finish that meal. Meanwhile, we were waiting it what must have been over 100 degree weather. It seemed that the border controls were not very tight so I thought about staying in the car and hiding while my humans got their stamps just to avoid any kind of complications with my paperwork or who knows what other hurdle could be brought up because of my presence, but in the end I decided to step out and just follow the rules. Once the border agents finally finish eating their meal, my humans got their passports stamped and then went to take care of my documentation but nobody had shown up to the office. We checked again and still nobody. At this point we had waiting in this hellish heat about 2 hours so we decided to just leave, hoping that we wouldn’t get stopped later and asked to show proof of my legality in Ecuador. Thankfully there were no more border controls after that so we had no problems. I am always for following the rules, especially when “in Rome” but if they are not going to show up then hey! We are now in Quito and have had no problems.

2 thoughts on “My First Border Crossing

  1. Shelley-Beth says:

    Terrible that the border patrol agents took 2 hours to eat, and didn’t even bother to see if you wanted some! That’s just not done in polite society… Are you getting to sample lots of local treats? What’s been your favorite so far?

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