Arriving to Bogotá

The flight was a bit bumpy but I made it. I had to wait for my humans to get their luggage and of course they had a ton of it! I guess they need a new outfit everyday of the week. Meanwhile, I have one bag with one food bowl, one water bowl, a raincoat (not by choice but apparently I look adorable in it so if it makes them happy, so be it), a couple of leashes and some poop bags.I have no Idea why I need those. I see everybody doing their business in the street and nobody is walking behind picking it up. Really, is kind of embarrassing to have my humans picking up after me. I’m sure other dogs are thinking that I am such a diva. Anyway, once my humans got their bags we went to the ICA office (Colombian USDA). The process was fairly simple, just give them the paperwork along with $60000.00 Colombian pesos (about $20.00 USD), and you are good to go! Just make sure you are prepared to hold it in because there aren’t any green spaces near the airport so I had to wait until we got to our temporary home until 10pm.

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