Hola, I was born in Colombia but have been in the States for about 17 years. I have always wanted to leave everything behind and travel but never really saw it as a possibility. Until I read “the secret” and it changed my life! Also after discussing it with Kristen for a while we realized that it wasn’t as impossible as it may seem. And also, I didn’t read “the secret”


DSCN0920I was born and raised on the east coast of the USA. I caught the travel bug after studying abroad in Spain the summer of my senior year at Appalachian State. After moving to Spain for a few years, completing a master’s program, and working in Raleigh, it seemed like this would be a great time to start another adventure, this time in South America. I’m looking forward to eating lots of good food, meeting lots of interesting people, and seeing lots of amazing places.



Before you ask, I have no idea what breed of dog I am. Maybe a mix of Great Dane or Saint Bernard. I am three years old (that would be 21 for all you humans reading this). I’m excited to see South America and learn Spanish commands while I mark my territory in every country we visit.